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Mike and Angela

We were told about  Long Term Care Insurance at a company meeting.  Stephanie introduced the worksite option to our firm and they decided to offer it as a company beneift.  Stephanie conducted the educational workshops and helped us understand what Long term Care Insurance really is and how it filled in the holes in our retirement planning - like protecting our 401 (k) and retirement money. Once we knew how it could help, it was a no brainer. We applied for coverage and even got discounts not available  outside of work. Thanks to Stephanie our retirement planning is in better shape today and we feel more secure.


From start to finish it was easy and quick. We got what we needed at a price we could afford. There is more to Long Term Care than we knew and Stephanie made it clear and concise


My husband and I found Stephanie very informative. Her manner was easy to understand and we know we are making the right decisions. Anyone seeking Long Term Care solutions will benefit by talking with her. Thanks Stephanie!

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